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Although it's not talked about often, labiaplasty is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures. Labiaplasty, in short, corrects prominent or enlarged labia minora and majora. Self-consciousness is the most common reason women see me for labiaplasty consultations, but sexual discomfort or pain during exercise are also extremely common. Whatever your reasons, know that you aren't alone.

Labiaplasty is a very personal procedure, and planning an optimal surgery and recovery strategy requires a doctor willing to put in the time for in-depth consultation. If you're wondering whether labiaplasty is right for you, and want to feel sexy and confident again, I hope you'll get in touch to schedule a totally free consultation (with no sales pressure). Taking the first step is difficult, but my past labiaplasty patients all say the procedure was completely worth it.


Thousands of women undergo labiaplasty each year—there's nothing to be worried about, even if it seems like no one is talking about it.


Work with medical professionals who make you feel like Number One, with no judging.


Life on your terms—don't let anything hold you back.

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Why Patients Dr. Sessions

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Top Schooling and over 15 Years of Experience

Dr. Sessions has undergone extensive training and schooling through residencies, fellowships, and thousands of successful procedures. That experience means he's capable of aiding nearly any patient with any procedure, including yours.

Dr. Sessions is also a board-certified surgeon under the ASPS, the only official board of plastic surgery in the USA. You'll sleep better knowing Dr. Sessions has all the skills necessary to bring your vision to life with Denver labiaplasty.

Learn About Dr. Sessions

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Results Patients Love

For Dr. Sessions, patient happiness is a big deal. To make sure each of his patients gets the results they desire, Dr. Sessions has made it his mission to plan and execute every procedure with as much detail as possible.

That attention to detail and patient-first mentality has led to Dr. Sessions being voted one of Colorado's top surgeons on Real Self. Dr. Sessions gets the results you want, with less scarring, less pain, a faster recovery, and a happier YOU.

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State-the-Art Facilities & Office

Dr. Sessions' surgery center is more than a medical facility—it's like a spa and a home away from home. It's a rare combination of comfort and cutting-edge technology that means all of your needs can be taken care of in one convenient location.

As for scheduling? Unlike most other surgeons, Dr. Sessions holds consultations and performs surgeries 6 days per week, Monday through Saturday. It's more convenient for you, and better for your well-being. We hope you don't mind.

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Award Winning

Medjine Buissereth

Fashion Model

“Working with Dr. Sessions for my labiaplasty was so easy. He made me feel so comfortable and at ease, and the surgery went extremely well. I'm so happy with the results."

Lauren Sherwood

Occupational Sales

“Denver Colorado labiaplasty experts are tough to find. Whenever I had a question, it was super easy to reach Dr. Sessions or one of his staff. They take patient care really seriously, and I appreciate their attention to detail."

Robin Roberts

Dental Hygienist

“I had a lot of questions about my surgery, and Dr. Sessions answered every single one of them. I was on the fence about getting labiaplasty until I met Dr. Sessions, but I'm so glad I went in for that consultation. My life has changed for the better, and Dr. Sessions is definitely my labiaplasty Colorado Springs expert.”
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Your Questions: Answered

How much is a labiaplasty?

While labiaplasty prices can vary, Dr. Sessions' prices are very competitive. But plastic surgery isn't a decision you should make entirely based on money—very cheap doctors should send up red flags.

Plus, there's no reason to compromise on price—Dr. Sessions is often able to offer financing for many of his procedures.

How do I know if I'm a good candidate for labiaplasty surgery?

If you feel your labia is too large, you're probably a good candidate for labiaplasty. Lack of confidence, hygiene issues, or even pain and discomfort are common side effects of having a large labia.

There's no shame in wanting to feel more confident—but it's best to consult with a doctor before deciding to get any kind of cosmetic surgery.

How long to recover from labiaplasty? What about sex after labiaplasty?

Recovering from labiaplasty doesn't take long at all. While you should avoid sex for about 6 weeks after your procedure, you can head back to the gym in just 3 weeks.

Plus, labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can return home the very same day as your surgery.

How do I get started?

To get started, get in touch with us right now! We'll help you schedule a consultation with Dr. Sessions to go over your options, discuss your medical history, and figure out if a labiaplasty is the best option for you.