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Plastic Surgery Denver, Boulder, Aurora & Veil Colorado


Meet Dr. Pat P. Sessions

With more than 15 years of Colorado plastic surgery experience, Dr. Sessions is widely considered one of Colorado's best breast augmentation surgeons.

Pat P. Sessions


Hi, I'm Dr. Sessions. Plastic surgery means far more than just looking good. Plastic surgery is about feeling right at home in your own skin. It's about loving your reflection when you look in a mirror. It's about feeling like a million bucks every time you leave the house. We all deserve to feel great, and that's what my job is—giving joy, hope, and self-esteem to my patients.

The biggest challenge I faced as a plastic surgeon in Colorado was an issue so many professionals overlook—bedside manner. Meaning, how do you provide top-notch care while making patients feel right at home? Even the most skilled surgeons can struggle with bedside manner, but I wanted to change that.

My number-one concern is patient happiness, period. Each year, hundreds of people from across Colorado visit me with plans for achieving their perfect body. My job is to bring those dreams to life. And my patients will tell you—my staff and I have built a reputation throughout Colorado for getting it right, the first time.

Our efforts at Colorado Enhanced are designed to make a happier, healthier, more radiant you. Visit our spa-like medical facility and see for yourself—from the extensive time we spend consulting about your procedure, to the advanced techniques we use to minimize downtime and scarring, there's just a better way to do surgery. Come help us write another success story.

Award Winning

find the right plastic surgeon in utah

How to Find the Right Plastic Surgeon (and avoid the wrong one)

It’s easy to spot a bad plastic surgeon…but what about a great one? The answer is probably a lot simpler than you think—here are the sure signs of a professional and competent plastic surgeon. Download for free!

Medjine Buissereth

Fashion Model

“For plastic surgery Loveland CO there are a lot of choices. Working with Dr. Sessions was incredible. I met with a lot of doctors, but Dr. Sessions made me feel totally comfortable. I've since visited Dr. Sessions for multiple procedures over the last 5 years, and I've never felt more confident than I do now."

Lauren Sherwood

Occupational Sales

“Love, love, love my results. I was looking into Colorado Springs plastic surgery for a while now, but Dr. Sessions' staff are so fun and friendly, and made me feel totally safe. Every question I had after my surgery was answered immediately by the doctor on call. Fantastic experience. Dr. Sessions is your plastic surgery Colorado Springs specialist—probably the best plastic surgeon in Colorado Springs."

Robin Roberts

Dental Hygienist

“I almost backed out of my plastic surgery in Denver at the last minute but I'm so glad I didn't. Dr. Sessions answered all of my questions and made the process so easy. My body looks great and more importantly, I feel great too! Dr. Sessions is clearly the best choice for plastic surgery Denver and beyond.”

Before & After Showcase

See Passion. Precision. Perfection. in-action. Check out the Dr. Jones' Showcase. Must be 18 to enter!

Why Patients Dr. Sessions

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Top Education and More than 15 Years of Plastic Surgery & Breast Augmentation Experience

Dr. Sessions is board-certified by the only legitimate board of plastic surgery in the US, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

With an extensive educational background, thorough training and deep experience with thousands of thrilled patients, Dr. Sessions' skills set him apart as one of Colorado's top plastic surgeons.

Although each patient is unique, you can sleep easily knowing Dr. Sessions has likely seen dozens or hundreds of procedures very similar to yours, and possesses the skills and expertise necessary to bring your dream body to life.

Learn About Dr. Sessions

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Amazing Results

Results are measured by patient happiness, and we try to shoot for 110%. Dr. Sessions is one of Colorado's top-rated docs on Real Self, and is known by folks from Denver to Boulder for getting incredible results.

The reason is simple—Dr. Sessions spends hours in consultations with his patients in order to create the total package in terms of surgery and recovery, a plan customized to you and your needs. Expect minimal recovery time, less pain, less scarring, and total happiness.

See Dr. Sessions' Reviews

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State-the-Art Facilities & Office

Dr. Sessions' Denver plastic surgery facility is totally state-of-the-art and designed to make you feel right at home. His facility is equipped to handle most procedures in-house, offering unparalleled convenience for his patients.

From consultations to procedures to follow-ups, all of your appointments will take place in the same place. There's no need to travel all over the city or the state to receive the care you need—our Colorado plastic surgery center is a true one-stop-shop.

Dr. Sessions always builds his schedule with you in mind. While many doctors only schedule appointments 3-4 days per week, Dr. Sessions is available Monday to Saturday. Waiting isn't fun, and we want to make this whole process as smooth as possible for you.

See Surgical Suite

Your Questions: Answered

How much is plastic surgery in Denver Colorado?

Procedure costs vary, but the fact remains that plastic surgery isn't only for the super-rich. Our average patient is, well, your average middle-class American. Most plastic surgery procedures are affordable for the average budget, plus Dr. Sessions' prices are very competitive. For plastic surgery Colorado residents are really spoiled for choice, so feel free to meet with as many doctors as necessary.

What's your most popular procedure?

While Dr. Sessions is experienced in all types of plastic surgery, breast augmentations are one of his most commonly performed surgeries. That's one of the reasons he's earned the reputation of one of Colorado's top breast augmentation surgeons.

Am I a good candidate for plastic surgery?

Good candidates for plastic surgery:

  • Are in generally good health, leading to quicker recovery and better results.
  • Have realistic expectations for their procedure, leading to a healthy mental state after the surgery.

Talk with your doctor to find out exactly what plastic surgery can and CAN'T do for you, and set realistic expectations for your results.

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation?

The best candidates for breast augmentations meet the same requirements as general surgery, and might also have:

  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Small breasts
  • Drooping or sagging breasts after pregnancy
  • Breast size changes following weight loss
  • A need for breast reconstruction after breast cancer
  • A need for corrections on previous cosmetic procedures

There are many reasons for wanting a breast augmentation. Consult with Dr. Sessions to find out if the procedure is a good fit for you.

How long is plastic surgery recovery?

Noninvasive procedures let you return to work almost instantly, while more invasive procedures may take months for a full recovery. Your recovery time also depends on your overall health and the extent of your individual procedure—and the skill level of your doctor. That said, most procedures will let you get back to normal activities in just a few weeks.

How long will it take me to recover after my breast augmentation?

Breast augmentations are outpatient procedures, letting you return home the very same day of your surgery. Most women can resume their normal activities in just 2 weeks following the procedure. Dr. Sessions will help you plan out your own recovery plan to help you achieve the best results possible.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! Dr. Sessions is a proud partner of Care Credit, which helps people like you afford radical self-improvements without breaking the bank. Most procedures are covered, too!

How do I get started?

Looking for plastic surgery in Denver CO or beyond? Now for the easy part. When you're ready to take the next step, get in touch with us immediately. Click that 'Schedule a Consultation' button, and we'll be in touch shortly to schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Sessions. No pressure, no sales, just you and your plans for the new you. Ready to get started? Stop dreaming and let's start writing your happy ending today.